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PharmBiologic Solutions, LLC, ( a women owned business) provides Custom Stainless Steel Filter Housings and a wide variety of filter cartridges at a highly competitive price and fast delivery. We also supply Sterilizing Grade Liquid and Air Cartridges for your critical needs. In addition, PharmBiologic Solutions, LLC,  also can provide High Purity Pleated Products, Capsule Filters, Depth Filters and Filter Bags.
We bring you several decades of combined experience in filtration in multiple markets and applications. We specialize in technical applications knowledge to meet your critical process needs. Our company’s focus is in Pharmaceutical, Veterinary Vaccines, Fermentation, Sterile Air and Specialty Chemical Solutions. With our technical background and experience, we can take you from initial R&D to full scale process production utilizing the same products. PharmBiologic Solutions, LLC, can offer you on-site testing, optimizing your filtration system along with full scale validation for FDA qualification.